Hi. I'm Johana Luna.

I'm a Data Scientist with a Computer Science degree and experience in Python, Machine Learning, Neural Networks, SQL and Statistics (Resume)

Here are some projects I made recently.

Sudoku Solver

The Sudoku Solver (Omegag2020) API solves Sudoku puzzles using human tecniques.
Our API can also predict the difficulty level with a logistic regression model.

Using image processing and computer vision, the user can transfer analog paper Sudoku puzzles to a digital form and play with them (See Documentation).

Subreddit Recommender

Deployed in Amazon Web Services (AWS), this API help users find the best place to post on Reddit.

Subreddit Recommender can suggest the most optimal subreddit using natural language processing (NLP) with a KNN model (See Documentation).

AirBnB Predictor

Deployed on Heroku, AirBnB Predictor uses a linear regression model to predict an optimal pricing strategy for an AirBnB in Berlin (See Documentation).

Modeling Chicago Crime Data Set

Exploratory data analysis of Chicago's crimes extracted from the Chicago Police Department.
This article explores crime data in Chicago and showcase the implementation of a predictive model for arrests in Chicago (See Documentation).

Rising Incidence of Cancer in New York

Exploratory data analysis of new patients with cancer.
This analysis intends to find if there is a correlation between the insidence rate globally and the State of New York (See Documentation).

Technical Skills

Professional Experience


Claro (Telecomunications)

Nov 2014 - Jan 2016
  • Led 4 people in charge of managing databases with more than 650 million monthly records
  • Reduced audit times by 47% through automating the process using ACL, Excel and other tools

Nueva EPS (Ensurance)

Jul 2013 - Nov 2014
  • Automated information extraction processes of ~6 Million records with sensitive information
  • Led the auditing of the company's systems to make sure they comply with government regulations

PWC (Auditing)

Feb 2013 - Jul 2013
  • Performed systems audits of major companies in telecommunications, oil and banking
  • Diagnosed information systems' key controls and checked the compliance with international standards


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